ASUS WLAN PCI Karte PCE-AC56 Dual Band PCI-E Adapter

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PCE-AC56 Dual Band PCI-E Adapter

5G Wifi

Network: standart IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Interface: PCI Expressx1

Size: 99,5mmx69,0mm

Antenne: 2xR SMA , 1x External antenna base

Operating North America

Channel: 24 GHz band: 1~11/ 5GHz band: 36~45,149~165

Europe (ETSI)

2,4 GHz band:1~13/ 5GHz band:36~48/

Datenrate: 802.11bup to11Mbps

802.11a/g:up to 54Mbps/ 802.11n:up to 30Mbps

TurboQAM (2,4 GHz):up to 400Mbps#802.11ac:867 Mbps

Weight: 105g/0.231lb

Inhalt: Garantie Karte/SupportCD